Benefaction Committee:
Frederick Glure – Chair
Hans Stucki – Member
Peter Keller – Member
Senior Group Leaders:
Georgette Jacquat
Heidi Grieder

Welcome to the homepage of the Benefaction Committee of the Swiss Benevolent Society.

The Swiss Benefaction Committee is proud of its longstanding tradition of assisting people of Swiss descent who are in financial need. In general, our applicants are elderly, on a limited income, or people with new onset disabilities.

Following financial and social assessment, applicants may qualify for either  of the following benefits from our Society:

  • One Time Financial Stipend – i.e., to cover unexpected medical expenses
  • Monthly Financial Stipends – i.e., to supplement pensions and social security benefits

Please contact us if you are in need of help and would like to discuss how we could help.

Join us at Senior Member Luncheon gatherings every second Tuesday of the month at 1 pm from March to December at Svithiod Lodge, 5516 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL 60630. For information contact the Administrator at

Financial Assistance Application
Financial support may be granted to Swiss-Americans or people of Swiss descent.
For information please contact the Administrator.

Activity Reports of the Benefaction Committee

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