The Swiss Benevolent Society is pleased to continue its tradition of offering scholarships to the Concordia Language Villages in northern Minnesota. This scholarship program was begun 25 years ago with the intention of helping students in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana find an opportunity to learn one of the four official languages spoken in Switzerland. We are very proud of the 400+ students who have participated in this programming over the past 27 years and are convinced that the one or two weeks spent at the Language Villages have impacted the participants’ university studies, professional work and participation in community life with family and friends. To date we have paid out over $375,000 in scholarship funding and are very pleased that we can continue this tradition of co-funding scholarships with the Concordia Language Villages!

New in 2024: Students can also apply directly to the Concordia Language Villages for a Passport Scholarship which can be combined with the SBS Scholarship. With a 1-week SBS scholarship combined with a 1-week Passport Scholarship, students may choose from any of the 2-week programs offered in June, July, and August. Families may also choose to self-pay a second week. (SBS $1345 + $1255 = $2600 – cost of 2-week session.) SBS Scholarships and Passport Scholarships may also be used for 4-week High School Credit Programs.

Application for Summer 2024
List of Previous Winners