Classes of Members

Membership Application
Current Members

Section 1. Classes of Members

The SBS Corporation shall have the following classes of members, and the qualifications of the members of such classes shall be as follows:

(a) Individual members shall be eligible for membership upon payment of the membership fee, to be determined from time to time by the Board.

(b) Life members of the Corporation are individual members who have made a substantial onetime contribution, in an amount determined by the Board from time to time, which entitles them to life-long membership in the Corporation.

(c) Honorary membership in the Corporation may be conferred from time to time by vote of its Board of Directors upon individuals who have contributed extraordinary services to its activities.

(d) Any business or cultural/educational organization wishing to join the Corporation as a Corporate Member may do so with an annual contribution the minimum amount of which will be determined by the Board from time to time. Such members enjoy regular membership privileges.

Section 2. Term.

A member shall maintain membership privileges as long as membership dues are current. A one-year grace period for payment of renewal fees will be provided after which members are automatically terminated from membership.

Section 3. Benefits.

Members shall be informed of all events and activities of the Corporation. An annual activities report will be sent out to all current members.

Section 4. Privileges.

All members shall be invited to the regular annual meeting of the Board of Directors.

Membership Form (PDF)