During 2022, the Swiss Benevolent Society will celebration its 150th Anniversary and we are pleased that we can continue our oldest scholarship program, one which offers undergraduate students of Swiss ancestry help with paying college tuition. Students are invited to submit an application which includes an essay examining a topic related to Swiss or Swiss-American culture. This year, students will focus their attention on the history and importance of mutual aid societies as we work to affirm the importance of benevolence in communities and societies.

For the last 150 years, Swiss-American community leaders in Chicago have come together to help others working to build a life for themselves and their families here in Chicago and the Midwest. The tradition of helping others in a community has a sense of universality that seems to transcend time, place and national origin, and by learning about one or a couple of mutual aid societies, we hope that students will have a better sense for how they and their family and friends have a richer life because of their broader inter-personal connections.

Undergraduate Scholarship Application for 2022/2023
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